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Discover the wonderful world of Iceland – a realm of fantastic landscapes and boundless energy. A world where each journey transforms into an unforgettable adventure.
About me
Local guide and experienced traveler, in love with Iceland

Greetings! I'm Nick – a certified private guide in Iceland, curating and leading personalized tours since 2019. Additionally, I specialize in crafting unique itineraries for independent travelers. Leveraging my extensive experience of both exploring and residing in Iceland, I aim to showcase the country in its finest light. Together, we'll visit not only the popular and stunning sites but also explore hidden, off-the-beaten-path locations known to few. My commitment is to steer away from conventional and crowded routes, constantly seeking and uncovering new destinations. To embark on an extraordinary journey through Iceland, all you need to do is reach me out, place your trust, and prepare for unforgettable experiences.

Let's make an Icelandic adventure begin!

Private guide

As both the architect of your journey and your guide in Iceland, I assure you of a seamless and responsible adventure. Your experience is my top priority, with undivided attention and a commitment to unhurried exploration, free from unnecessary distractions.

Unique places

For those ready for more than the classic routes in Iceland, our Jeep Wrangler enables us to venture farther, reaching the most incredible places others may not access. Unleash the thrill of exploration with me.


With over 5 years of exploring Iceland, three of which I've called this country home, I am constantly on the lookout for new places and crafting innovative routes across the island.

Freedom and Flexibility

Your Iceland tour itinerary is tailored to your travel dates and preferences. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to modify the tour or route on the spot

My fleet

Adventure, comfort, or space – I cater to every desire on your journey through Iceland. Your every wish fulfilled, no matter the preference.
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