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Discover Iceland – a land of incredible adventures with volcanoes, glaciers, mind-blowing waterfalls, and mesmerizing landscapes.

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"Discover the most popular tours in Iceland available year-round. Explore almost all the 'Instagrammable' landmarks on these excursions."


Discover the country's most stunning landscapes right here. Iceland's southern coast offers a unique blend of glaciers, waterfalls, black beaches, and volcanic formations. We'll make sure to visit a couple of secret locations, and if we're lucky, capture the Puffins – incredible birds and symbols of Iceland.

From 500 EUR


This is the route to begin your journey in Iceland, being one of the most popular circuits. The 'Golden Circle' is perfect for those wanting to explore numerous beautiful and significant locations in Iceland, covering its history, nature, and culture in a short period. It's the only place where you can witness the famous Geysir.

From 400 EUR


This tour takes you through the western part of Iceland, specifically the Snæfellsnes Peninsula—a truly fascinating area where I've curated the most beautiful attractions. What makes this route unique is its lesser-known status among tourists, providing the opportunity to appreciate nature and capture stunning moments in the presence of fewer people.

From 550 EUR


The Reykjanes Peninsula offers a journey through Iceland's most seismically active and geothermal zone, immersing you in the island's unique volcanic nature. Here lies the remarkable open-air geothermal center - the Blue Lagoon. Visiting this site would be an excellent addition to the tour, enhancing your experience.

From 350 EUR


For those who cherish the wilder and more exclusive spots in Iceland, this is your realm. Here, the full capabilities of our Jeep Wrangler 4xe come to life. True adventures await, starting right here!

June - September

Perhaps the most interesting one-day route. Heading into the heart of Iceland, where asphalt vanishes, revealing a different world. Brace yourself for colossal waterfalls, serene volcanic lakes, a hint of river fording, and rugged off-road terrain. Describing the sights you'll encounter here is a challenge that words can scarcely meet.

From 700 EUR

April - November

This is a remarkable corner of nature in Iceland, nestled in the heart of Icelandic landscapes, within a protected valley between two glaciers. "Thórsmörk" offers unparalleled views of volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, and green valleys. This region boasts a sense of relative isolation, giving it a distinctive and secluded character at the core of Icelandic nature.

From 650 EUR

April - November

Ready for a Jeep tour near Reykjavik, exploring one of the most volcanic zones on the island and reaching places inaccessible to regular vehicles? Immerse yourself in the volcanic landscapes of the peninsula, towering cliffs teeming with millions of birds, and stunning coastal scenes. The unique geothermal center, the Blue Lagoon, adds the perfect touch to this tour.

From 500 EUR

Year - round

Need more days? Seeking the full experience? I've got you covered! I'll create and guide a personalized tour for your group, handling everything from airport pickup to restaurant reservations and accommodations throughout your stay, highlighting the best of Iceland. Considering your preferences, travel dates, group size, and more. The tour cost varies based on the season, group size, and the route itself.

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