Landmannalaugar - the colorful mountains of Iceland

This is an exciting region in the southern part of Iceland, known for its unique landscapes, rich colors, and thermal springs.
8-12 hours
Max 4 pers.
June - September
Medium difficulty
Tour description

If you're thinking of planning a vacation between June and September, consider heading to the Icelandic Highlands. This route takes you deep into Iceland, where there are no roads, offering a completely different experience from typical bus tours. Our off-road vehicle can handle the toughest trails, leading you to the Highlands—the heart of Iceland. I'll show you a side of Iceland that's different from what most people imagine. Get ready for the highest waterfalls, volcanic lakes, emerald rivers, colorful mountains, river crossings, and off-road excitement. It's hard to describe in words what awaits you here.

As soon as we leave the asphalt, we are greeted by the incredible Haifoss waterfall – the third-largest in Iceland. With a height of 122 meters, it is located on the Fossa River, the longest river in Iceland. From the nearby viewpoint, you can also see it along with its neighbor, the Granni waterfall, and capture both in a single frame. Moving further through slightly rugged areas, we park the car and head to where, at first glance, nothing unusual seems to be happening. In the midst of a rocky desert, approaching one of the cliffs, you will discover the emerald canyon with a very interesting history. Formed as a result of building a dam upstream and draining the riverbed, the river transformed into a beautiful oasis – the Sigöldugljúfur Canyon.

After enjoying the views, we return to the car and venture even further away from civilization. Complete wilderness, black sand, volcanic craters – all of these contribute to the untouched beauty of this place, making it impressive and unforgettable. The volcanic lake Ljótipollur is a testament to this, surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Fording several rivers by car, we reach our final destination – the Landmannalaugar National Park. Attracting adventure enthusiasts, Landmannalaugar offers much more than just epic views surrounded by colorful mountains. It is a geothermal oasis with hot springs where we can take a dip and recharge before heading back. Numerous wild rivers will challenge our Jeep, and the rugged post-volcanic terrain, contrasting with the vibrant colors of the hills, will make you gasp at the wonders of nature right at your fingertips.

One thing is for sure: you'll wish this day never ends!"

  • Háifoss Waterfall
  • Volcanic lake Ljótipollur
  • Valey Landmannalaguar
  • Canyon Sigöldugljúfur
  • Volcano craters
  • Light trekking
  • Hot springs
  • River crossing
  • Secret places
Bring with you
  • Warm clothes
  • Hat and gloves
  • Hiking boots
  • Raincoat
  • Snacks
  • Swimsuit
Price Includes
  • Super Jeep Wrangler 4xe
  • Certified guide - professional driver
  • Pickup and return to the hotel
  • Soft drinks and hot tea
  • Wi-Fi in the car
  • Photos from the trip
Price Excludes
  • Food